Terms & Conditions

1. These conditions (“the conditions) supplied by “DoveCote Wedding Cars” (“the company”) to a customer (“the customer”) shall be incorporated into each contract (“the contract”) made by the company for the supply of goods (“the goods”) and service (“the service”) and hiring out of vehicles by the company. The company contracts as aforesaid upon such terms as are agreed between the company and the customer and the terms of the conditions alone. No variation of any of the conditions shall be effective unless in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of the company.


2. All payments must be paid in full two month before the date of your booking date.

3. A £100 deposit (per vehicle) £200 for a bus or coach has to be paid in order to save your required booking date.

4. All deposits are none refundable, other monies are none refundable if you cancel your booking with less then 62 days or 2 months to your booking date.


5. DoveCote Wedding Cars are not held responsible for any damage to clothing or wedding attire that have sustained damage by our vehicle. It is your own responsibility getting in and out of our vehicles.

6. DoveCote Wedding Cars will not be held responsible for any mechanical breakdowns that would cause delay to your wedding day IE engine failure, flat tyres etc.

7. DoveCote Wedding Cars will not be held responsible for traffic delays to/during and after your wedding.

8. Any damage caused by the hirer or the hirers party will be invoiced for the cost of the repairing or action will be taken against the hirer.

9. Any alteration to the contract on the day that has been signed for must be authorised by the management and paid to the driver in full before changing the contract if payment is not given then the contract will not be changed.

10. DoveCote Wedding Cars has the right to turn up in another vehicle on the day of your wedding other then the one you have booked if that vehicle is off the road for any reason.

11. The customer shall be solely responsible for ensuring that details on the company’s booking/order form’s are accurate before signing.

12. These terms and conditions will be abided to as soon as your signature is placed on any DoveCote Wedding Cars paper work or deposit paid.